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Sheffield Tools exclusively sponsors Mazda Southeast Asia Auto Repair Competition

2021-07-30 15:42:45

     On May 18th, more than 40 auto repair elites from Mazda Southeast Asia gathered at the Mazda China headquarters to attend the Mazda Southeast Asia Auto Repair Skills Competition. As the sole sponsor of this auto repair competition, Sheffield Tools provided a complete set of competition tools for the competition.

      This auto repair competition adopts a combination of theoretical examination and practical operation, finally calculates the total score based on the points of each category, and then selects the winner.The winner of the competition can participate in the global finals held in Japan,the headquarters of Mazda. The seven-drawer tool trolley, 120-piece auto maintenance special repair kit,  plastic car repair board, auto-ranging digital multimeter, adjustable wrench and other competition tools provided by Sheffield provide an important guarantee for the players' skills. After the competition, the winner said that the Sheffield tools are of high quality, comfortable to operate and labor-saving, and hope that they can continue to use the Sheffield tools to hit the championship in the finals.

      In the live operation competition on the 19th, more than ten local media companies in Shanghai carried out live reports on the competition.  With a neat and uniform product display image and a concise brand publicity wall, Sheffield Tools’brand recognition was further enhanced.

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